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Our new PillPacks are a free and easy way to help you remember to take your medication correctly.

Many people, as they age, need several medications to help them remain healthy.  Unfortunately, the more medication the doctor prescribes, the harder it is for them to keep track of.   At any given time, regardless of age group, it is estimated up to 59% of those on five or more medications are in non-adherence.    Non-adherence means medications are not being taken or not being taken as prescribed.  11% of all hospital admissions are the result of prescription medication non-adherence.  With our free PillPacks, it is easy to tell if you have taken your medication for the day so you don’t skip a dose or take it twice.  

So many people struggle with organizing their own pill boxes.  23% of all nursing home admissions are due to failure to accurately take medications.  Our free PillPacks come to you already organized.  No need to fill up pill boxes.  It’s already done for you.  

More than 125,000 Americans die each year due to prescription medication non-adherence.  That’s twice the number killed in car accidents.  Make sure you and your loved ones are taking their medications only as prescribed.  Our PillPacks can help!